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traditions and transitions in 21st Century China – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

The vibrant bustle of Suzhou, China © Dan Clarke Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Daniel Clarke of Dan Flying Solo, recently spent two weeks exploring China, one of our top 10 countries to visit in 2018. China is a country that is constantly evolving, and manages to blend 21st Century cities of skyscrapers with tiny traditional villages,

exploring Georgia, one of our top countries to visit in 2018 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

The tiny village of Ushguli © Timothy Cohen Lonely Planet Pathfinder Timothy Cohen has recently returned from a trip to Georgia – one of our Best in Travel countries to visit in 2018 – where he spent time trekking in the Caucasus and exploring Tbilisi, the country’s colourful capital… I have just been travelling through

September edition – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

A new rule means travellers on the streets of Florence could be hit with a €500 fine © RossHelen / Shutterstock Why did a Cathay Pacific Boeing aircraft require a repaint? And what act now carries a €500 fine in Florence? Test your knowledge of the latest happenings in the travelsphere with our travel news

win the trip of a lifetime – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Are you ready for the best moment of your life? © Lonely Planet Travel can change you, transforming the way you see the world and your place in it. These life-altering experiences often boil down to one unforgettable moment: reaching the summit of a mountain, stumbling across a colourful festival or catching a long-yearned-for glimpse

the Trans-Mongolian Railway – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Enjoying the rural vistas on a short stint out of the train © Trisha Ping Trisha Ping, Destination Editor for East and Mid USA, recently returned from a trip on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. Tell us more… My brother and I spent three weeks travelling by train between Beijing and Moscow on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. The

In the studio with Alice Bowsher, illustrator for Everyday Adventures – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Weave a little wonder into daily life with these fun and challenging activities – and experience your local area in a whole new way. Invite friends on a social adventure, follow your senses somewhere new and embark on a cultural odyssey with Everyday Adventures.